Get to know us.

Exceptional customer service. Quality products. Truly proud of the knowledge we’ve gained in our combined 120 years of industry experience, we may not be true superheroes, but many clients will swear we can leap tall projects in a single bound.

We work hard and we play hard. You know us as being passionate about what we do. View our profiles to see more about us.

Debi Hendrix

Debi’s experience began as a machine operator for various bindery equipment, and she acquired an extensive background in prepress, material control and handling. Debi holds a certificate of excellence from the Stahl folding school.

Debi’s previous experience before entering print production was as Senior Buyer for a national office products firm. This coupled with her many years of experience in print production makes her a very unique member of our Team.

Debi’s other assets include extensive knowledge of The Quality Process. While employed at the Tulsa office of a Fortune 10 corporation, Debi helped establish the first cross departmental quality team and it became very clear to all involved that this was Debi’s forte.

Debi served as the nominated team leader of 250 employees for 3 years. She served on the steering committee which directed the entire process. She also served as the team leader for the printing and production facilities team.

Debi is known in many circles as an accomplished guitar player, singer and songwriter. Her family had a family band that traveled and toured with their music. Debi has been playing music and had a job since she was nine years old. She is currently, in her free time, writing songs for a Nashville producer.

Debi’s family band is to be honored and featured in a full page spread in a book being sent to the Library of Congress on the early Tulsa musicians. Anyone who knows Debi knows that she is rich in family history and has the greatest love for her nieces and nephews.

Craig Sahli


Craig is passionate about Graphics Network, and he’s literally married to his business – just ask Ruth! Craig is a lifer in the industries that we work in, and has the “cred” too, a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from East Carolina and a Master’s in Printing Technology from Clemson. So he’s got brand standards and printer’s ink in his veins.

Outside the office, Craig likes to get physical. Several times a week, you can find him on his bicycle somewhere within 100 miles of Tulsa racking up the sunshine and the miles with his racing team. You can also find him in any bike race in Oklahoma.

Susan Coman

Susan is our Project Coordinator. With an eye for detail, and a passion for ironing out issues before they become problems, Susan touches every project we produce. When your order is delivered on time to the right location, and it looks great, well, that’s in Susan’s DNA.

Susan’s career in graphic arts has been centered in publication design & layout and electronic prepress, spanning the time from galley type and random separations to desktop publishing and direct-to-plate technology.

Susan’s the person who has the latest information on your project status, and is always available to answer a question, or make a last-minute copy or delivery change.

Ruth Sahli

Ruth will tell you that her life’s work is being Mom to her two children, and that’s how she rolls within Graphics Network too. She does the heavy lifting, overseeing all of the business functions that make any company work. Ruth has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Florida and an MBA from Chapman College, so she’s an expert at what she does.

While many of you have never met or even spoken with Ruth, she touches every project that we produce. When your invoice is right the first time, that’s “Mom” working quietly behind the scenes.