Calculate the cost per logo exposure of your next promotional item here.

Total Product Cost ($)=
Number of Customers who will receive the product =
Number of Times product will be seen or used per day =
Number of Days Per Week product will be used =
Number of Weeks product will be in use =
Per Exposure

It’s not an antiquated notion.

Across the realm of promotional products, some items are very inexpensive. And not worth the cost. Others have a heftier cost requiring some budget. And are worth their weight in gold. The opposite is also true. We know the difference.

We can help you value a promotional item using the only criteria that matters: logo exposures. Whether your item costs 69 cents or 50 dollars, we can help calculate the number of logo exposures it will receive. Then it’s easy to determine “cost per logo exposure.” Any good promotional item that is properly targeted to the demographics of your target market should have a cost per logo exposure as close to .000000 as possible. We’ll help you get there.

For printed material, every brochure, catalog, sell sheet or direct mail piece has a “sweet spot” where equipment efficiency is at its highest and unit cost is at its lowest. We’ve got over 100 years of industry experience in that too. And we put it to work for you every day.