Hall of Fame

Heroes and heroics.

Companies don’t stay in business as long as we have without having some success stories. Here are a few instances where our intuition, thinking out of the box or old fashioned service have been game changers for our clients.

The Case of the Second Banner

A request for a banner printed in 4 flat colors came in for a media event. The client only needed one, but we informed them for a small fraction of the cost of the first banner they could have a second banner. They balked on the offer.

We made two anyway knowing we’d eat the cost but have a great sample for our showroom. During the event, the phone rings, and they needed a second banner in one hour, and were speechless when we told them it was in our office ready to go.

The Pogo Stick

A client built a direct mail campaign to corporate CEOs around the idea of sending them a box containing a real pogo stick. We loved the idea but had some concerns – about legal liability for our client if one of their clients injured themselves while getting their game on.

The solution: source a pogo stick whose purchase price included a $1 million liability insurance policy – on every stick.

The result: our client’s marketing department got their promotional campaign and their legal department got to sleep at night too.

The Laser Pointer/Thumb Drive Diaries

Here’s a case where we lost an order – at first – when a major client placed an order for laser pointer/thumb drives from an internet source they had no relationship with. The first production run was delivered without a logo imprint. When they found out that the second production run was not going to be delivered in time for their event, they called us.

We were left with 36 hours to locate, imprint and deliver an order of 500 units. We found a source that was located in the city where the event was being held who had inventory and was able to imprint and deliver in the nick of time.

Oh, and the replacement order from their internet source – when it finally arrived it came complete with a lousy package, a tiny logo, and a virus that crashed our client’s IT system.