Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

Surely you’ve seen them before: the part-time promotional products peddler. They’re easy to spot if your eyes are open: a business card with a “PMB” in their street address and a Cox or Yahoo email. No office phone, just a cell. Their “office” is the UPS store and their “warehouse” is their living room. Website? Not so much. They’re here today and probably won’t be here for the long term.

These are the people who dabble in our business and here’s the question you should ask yourself before you place an order with them: If they’re not fully committed to this business, how can they be fully committed to you? Or even better: ask them.

Don’t set yourself up to find out the hard way. Can’t seem to get a delivery? Maybe your critical item is at the UPS store or on somebody’s front porch. Or stuck on a truck that needs a loading dock to unload and your rep doesn’t have one. Can’t reach them when you need them the most? That’s because they’re at work at their “other job.”

Trust your brand, your event, your critical needs to a professional who is “all in” and has the infrastructure and staff to support you. Even if, for some reason, it’s not us: expect and demand a full partner who’s not in it to sell you something, but to support you and become an integral part of your success.